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                         By Maxordan irfan

Introduction Business Owner

Maxordan (irfan shah) also know as Artist Max Ordan, is an Music video director, editor, photographer, choreographer. He rose to fame with the release of his song Max46 Jhelumi Biker Boys feat. M.S.B` (2011)
 Re-upload Max46 Jhelumi Biker Boys (2011-2012) on youtube Becouse old link is age restricted... Maxordan also directed the Punjabi Rap music video song Who Perform & Rapped M.S.B & Feat Sunny Rap |PYAR PICHE YARRI CHUTDI| And here is Latest Video |HATERS GONNA STARE| who perform  & Rapped By Sunny Rap the fresh Punjabi Rapper & Featuring M.S.B. this Music Video Also Shot.Edit And Directed By Maxordan. This video is Worldwide on Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion & Vimeo. Audio on |SoundCloud|  In Month of April, 2013 Maxordan Shot.Edit & Directed Kasim Raja's | Black Hoods Black Sheeshay and in  ‎February, 2014 Raja's Another Single Villiantine's Day which base on Valentine's day  (more updates in process).........

Early life

"Irfan Shah" Also Know As Artist "Max" Or" Maxordan" Born 22 June 1993 In Dubai,
After Some-years ago in 2003 He went in Pakistan With His Family - #Maxordan is a Model in Jhelum Beauty Fashion,
He Works with Wide Angle Media as "Assistant" Camera-man
He also Know the Media Works Editing/Mixing & Directing Film-Camera
#Max was Gives Audions In "VOJ 2" But the can't get Success init, then he Recorded a Song Love you Boy- Beat with the Hooks By "Anna" He Upload his First Song In YouTube Name is " Max46 JHELUMI BIKER BOYZ (Audio Music with Feat M.S.B (Sheroz Baig) this song is become biggest views 4K in month on Youtube. Max Also Covered the Real love By Massari in Hindi with his own Words Sneak Peak,
 Audio Youtube.
#Maxordan Presents New Music Video Who Perform & Rapped M.S.B & Feat Sunny Rap
|PYAR PICHE YARRI CHUTDI| Directed & Edit By: Maxordan, and also the new Music Video
|HATERS GONNA STARE| Sunny Rap X M.S.B, he Will Soon Upload More New Songs Stay Tune.
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Maxordan (irfan) started his career in his late teen age, Max is a music video director, editor, photographer, choreographer, singer and film actor. He started as music video recording artist.

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Background information

Maxordan Owner at Bilal Town tanki ground, Jhelum
Birth name                Irfan Shah
Born                 June 22, 1993 (age 19), at
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

             Jhelum, Punjab PAKISTAN                                  
Hip hop
   Artist> actor,                                           model, dancer,
                  music video director
editor,                             photographer,    
                           singer, rapper

Years active    
Mfx Studio - MaxFxWork Lab

Max Ordan, M.S.B,
                        Sunny rap
acts              (
coming soon Shakaib SB, 
                      Dijaay Aadi, Maan)
Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan

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